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A new home in Australia....for a pot!

I can't believe I forgot to blog this pot-post! After a visit last month, from a nice customer, one of my copper matte pots is currently  travelling round the world- ( in India as we speak) en -route to it's new home in Melbourne, Australia. 

It was nice to sell a work "face to face" from  a private gallery/studio visit, and to hear the customer's own interpretation of my work which was quite fascinating. I must admit, I had quite expected a different work to sell, but after much consideration, the piece pictured below was the one to go. You can never tell. 

Needless to say I am very proud that this will be taking up residence in Oz. It's getting ridiculous- France, America, Australia, India....all ticked off the "Pottery Tour Bucket List". 

 Melbourne on the map- and the pot in question- a Pisces now Australia bound. 


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An Indian adventure

Well the dust has settled now and I can tell you about a lovely opportunity  to team up with Mumbai based company, CuroCarte. FoundedbyAnanya Birla, Curocarte aims to source work by artisans from around the world to showcase their talents in an online design/retail website. From what I gather it is mainly aimed at the emerging Indian market and all I can say is that I am "chuffed" with the link up.

I was visited by Pragya Awashthi whocame direct from Mumbai to my studio and workshop. I cannot praise Pragya enough and the founding principles of the company, the website is now live and you can judge for yourself.

I have to keep pinching myself that this actually just happened. Well back to reality, back to the workshed...


GQ Magazine India

Just been told that one of my pots is featured in an article in GQ magazine India.
It gets more and more bizarre every day! It took me a while to work out what the mag actually was...stands for Gentlemen's Quarterly I think? Nice.

Meanwhile, production has ground to a halt, whilst I paint and generally clean out the workshed. Paranoid about the hazards of clay dust, I decided for health and safety reasons, it was high time.
Can't wait to get it finished and back to making,

Raku workshop

I held a Raku workshop for my Pottery class this week. Lots of fun, lots of burning...a bit too much smoke...some horse hair raku...all good fun!

It's a bit crowded at my work next time we will be holding firings at Brick House Studios in Silver End, Essex. Lots more space to make smoke and fire!

Anyway a great time had by all.