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More raku tiles...

I was recently asked to make about 20 tiles all 20cm x 10cm for a customer. It really is challenging not only making them- (all the same!) but to fire them too and achieve a consistant -lasting result. Raku by it's nature is pretty randomn, and especially with copper lustre- the effects can be fleeting. I'll try and answer some of these points.


Firstly- I made the tiles using roller guides- rolling onto a wooden board, covered with canvass or paper. They key thing is have enough space to work and not to lift or move them! They all need to be a uniform thickness so roller guides area  must. Use a template and a ruler- and a potter's knife to cut. A wooden board can be placed on top to stop warping. You will need to periodically check for this as they dry. Make more than you will need.


Supposing you get through the bisque firing unscathed- it's the "fun" part. I place the tiles onto a pad of ceramic fibre onto the kiln shelf. This helps with lif…

A new home in Australia....for a pot!

I can't believe I forgot to blog this pot-post! After a visit last month, from a nice customer, one of my copper matte pots is currently  travelling round the world- ( in India as we speak) en -route to it's new home in Melbourne,Australia. 
It was nice to sell a work "face to face" from  a private gallery/studio visit, and to hear the customer's own interpretation of my work which was quite fascinating. I must admit, I had quite expected a different work to sell, but after much consideration, the piece pictured below was the one to go. You can never tell. 
Needless to say I am very proud that this will be taking up residence in Oz. It's getting ridiculous- France, America, Australia, India....all ticked off the "Pottery Tour Bucket List". 
 Melbourne on the map- and the pot in question- a Pisces now Australia bound. 

A Visit to Maldon with some pots

I was very lucky to have been asked to bring some work to Haylett's Fine Art Galleryin Maldon, Essex. The owner was very pleasant and requested some small items- and bowls with a view to bringing some larger pieces in the new year. I noted some ceramic work on show from PamSchomberg and Richard Baxter- two well known Essex potters!

Things have been quite lately, baring one or two very nice nice on-line commissions.  I've been using the time to make pots back in  the studio. It's been nice to do that, after all the problems I've experienced  recently, getting both my electric kiln and Raku gas kiln to work again! Therapy again....

 Flyer for Haylett's Art Gallery  Greenware pots drying out Raku bowl