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Throwing pots

I've been busy the last couple of days in the workshop- turning vases and throwing some big dishes.
The vases I want to glaze and raku fire before Braintree District Art's fair in June and July. The big dishes I might play around with some volcanic glazes on them over the summer. We'll see.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

To turn or not turn? The lady is not for turning?Bachman, Turner Overdrive? D'uhh?

Well I wouldn't say I have the greatest  skill as a thrower but I do enjoy turning my pots. It is extremely theraputic- and dare I say it -I enjoy it more than actually throwing them. Which is a bit of luck as I always seem to have a (bad) habit of leaving too much clay on the bottom of vases- so plenty of options then,  for turning the profile and foot.

To be honest- throwing is for me, is an enjoyable sideline to making sculptural Raku vessels. I have an appreciation of archaic or ancient  Pottery making styles - anything from Romano- Belgic- Gallic- Saxon...too much time spent in museums, probably as a student.  But I love returning to the wheel. Contrary to my throwing tutor's advice at University (the late great and dearly missed Emmanuel Cooper) who advised me against continuing with throwing as a specialism- I carried on in secret. 

Years later I have kept dabbling with the wheel and …