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July August edition of Craft and Design Magazine

Chuffed to be included  in  the latest Craft and Design Magazine's July - August edition. This features one of my recent  slab constructed Jugs and a wheel thrown two tone glazed Raku dish in the Makers section.


Work on show - Charlie Blim Gallery, Nevada, USA

I am indebted to Charles Blim jnr for photoing some of my newly arrived work at the Gallery. I think he's done a fantastic job in capturing the glaze and textures.  Thank you Charlie!!
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Back in the USA....

At long last I have completed firing some chawans, dishes  and small vases ready for shipment to the Charles Blim Gallery in Nevada USA. I'm sending 11 pieces in cobalt, copper and white glazed crackle Raku. 
I first got to know Charlie through the Vasefinder  international competition, for which I was lucky to be selected for sculptural work two years running. A sculptural piece of mine is in Charles' collection already. He didn't know that I also made  wheel thrown pieces in Raku and he took a bit of a  iking to them. The rest as they say....Charles is a great advocate for potters worldwide and he knows a thing or two about good pots- so this means a great deal to me.
So "bon voyage" little pots  and I hope you are happy in your new home in the gallery in Nevada, USA. 

Gallery Website:

June kiln firing fun....

I've been firing up the Raku kiln again, trying to finish a batch of work bound for the Charlie B Gallery in Nevada, USA. It's finally done, I will be sending out about 10 pieces of wheel thrown Raku.

They've all got the overlapping poured glaze effect with a white crackle/ blue -copper glaze which forms interesting  "craters" or "pits" of copper blue in the overlap. It's gradually evolved and works pretty well on these pots, it  gives them a sense of unity. I've also gone for a trailed glaze effect on the white crackle which melts and runs. Anyhow I can finally "pass off" this batch of pots and get wrapping them up...