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Invitation to show at International event -Sedona Arts Centre, Arizona

Well, just as you get used to the idea of showing your Raku pots at one event across the Globe...another one turns up like the proverbial red London bus. I was delighted to be asked to submit a work to a very special exhibition in the USA, at Sedona Arts Centre, Arizona.  It takes place from March 7th 2014, and will be an International event looking at the traditions of Raku and it's place in the contemporary world of Art and Ceramics.

I already know which piece I'm going to send- something which echoes the piece in the book "500 Raku" -which is now sadly, long gone. I'm very grateful to Exhibition Curator Jim Romberg, for selecting me. After selling my first work to the US a few months ago- I'm really pleased to be part of this special exhibition in Arizona. My only regret is ..."Why the hell can't I go too?" Alas having recently also become a father for the second time around- I think I have my hands rather full just now.

Rather bizarrely, th…