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Flawed gems

Working in Raku doesn't always go to plan. A lapse of concentration here, the wrong temperature, too slow to get the pots in the smoking bins, dropping and cracking  pots, getting them stuck together in the kiln...anything and everything can and does go wrong.

So it's tough when you get a pot that's ultimately flawed but not bad enough to merit being banished to the back garden by the fish pool rockery...or death by going under the hammer. Here are one or two ultimately flawed pots that I felt deserved a stay of execution. (I'm sorry the really bad ones are already under our patio...) This is the curse of many pots get sacrificed...

More Chawans

Firings are continuing each week as I work my way through stacks of bisque pots.

I'm about half way through the glaze wares, before I do any...Gulp...."copper matte"!

Anyway I'm really pleased with how things are progressing and especially these little Raku Chawans. The best yet, but always room for improvement.