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The Chelmsford Museum Jug

As promised I thought I'd post a few sneak peeks of the Chelmsford Museum Jug, specially made for the new Studio Pottery gallery.

Museum curator Dr Mark Curtis and his teamselected this one  in green and blue copper matte lustre. It measures a little over 58cm tall by 50cm wide, so it's quite a big vessel. It certainly was a challenge to Raku fire- and to get  the colour development to spread  over the pot in reduction.  It's probably at the very  limit of  my abilities! Needless to say, there were one or two casualties, which make this a unique piece.

The new gallery officially opens in January. My Jug will be in good company with work by  fellow Essex potters including- Alan Foxely, Madelaine Murphy, Richard Baxter and Lola Swain. It is a very eclectic collection- but I am very proud to have my piece featured alongside them.

The gallery also includes works by Grayson Perry, Joanna Constantinidis and Robert Washington. 

Flaming Jugs in December....

Well I've blogged a lot recently about my project to make a special Jug for the Studio Pottery Collection at Chelmsford Museum in Essex. It was hard work to do- with a lot of "spoilers"- cracking pots- and downright disasters! As you know by now- copper matte raku is one heck of a technique to master...and double trouble with a large vessel.

However 1 or 2 were absolute gems. This week I hope  to do a photo session and you can view the results soon. I will be taking in the finished pot to the Museum this week. Meanwhile, here is one of the pots- flaming away prior to be being sealed in the reduction chamber.