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Gallery round up for September

I thought I'd take stock of some of my pots at the weekend, with a view to pressing on and making some new work in the run up to .......(Christmas)-say it quietly! Summer proved a bit of a revelation sales wise- probably the best certainly since the recession kicked in - so maybe things are turning a corner.

I've been doing all my usual regular supplies of Gallery stuff to  BuckenhamGalleries (Southwold) and the Taplin Gallery (Woodbridge). I'm also stocking work at Quirky Art in Denbeighshire, Wales.

These days I get as many enquiries from online galleries as I do from "physical" galleries. The most notable that I sell on are Studio and for me, at any rate- Rippingham Art. It's the way of things I suppose these days. It is sad not to exhibit in a real space for sure and to get to know the owners and proprietors- but there you go. Both Stephen Dee of Studio Pottery and Jan Rippingham though, have been really friendly, helpful and supportive of …

Kiln problems and RCD circuits

I've just had the scare of my working life! Last weekend I made some repairs to the firebricks in my electric top-loading kiln. The fire-cement was quite wet, but I 've done these repairs before.... however not with a new RCD circuit and trip switch fitted onto the house.

The problem started on Sunday- I dried the cement out on Saturday- or so I thought- by placing an electric heater inside the kiln. Sunday- the kiln clicked once- then tripped off all the power. And kept doing it- OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  Disaster!

I got Essex Kilns in, they asked if the fire cement was still wet. No I replied it's all dry. And yes it was touch dry- or so it seemed. 

Out they come- "Nothing wrong with the kiln mate-there's a small leak of  electricity onto the casing- makes it trip. Up the millampage from 30-100 that'll sort it and get it put on a separate RCD circuit.Bob's yer uncle."   Well with the prospect of hundreds of pounds of work looming, it made me shudder. A…

Going for Gold....

I 've been busy editing photos of some of the pots from my last firing batch. I tend to mull over  the fired pots  for a couple of days then bubble-wrap them and carefully store them away. I tend to divide them into quality bands- the best -medium grade- and seconds (ebayers etc).

Anyway I just edited up this little gem. It has no buyers yet- nor an exhibition as yet to make an appearance in. He's quite happy in my small display case at home! Gold copper mattes are pretty rare in my experience - I used to get a lot in my early days- when I fired to a lower temperature. This was an attempt to try and re- achieve gold and it worked It also developed vivid copper red/pink/blue tones. It's a pretty rare piece.Take a good look - I doubt I'll get another one like it  - probably for another ten years!