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New work at the Taplin Gallery

I paid a visit to the Taplin Gallery at Woodbridge today to drop off some new work, including some conical style bowls, tea-bowls (Chawan) and a couple of sculptural pieces. If you know Woodbridge it's a picturesque Suffolk town with a beautiful old high street and is situated on the River Deben.

I've been exhibiting work there periodically since about 1998. It's always a pleasure to visit and today was a chance to have a chat with it's new owner and I must say the gallery is looking  great. Worth a visit if you're up in that part of the world.

You can "facebook" the gallery manager- Maz- for more information at,

Some of the new work for sale at the Taplin Gallery

Aurora- retail £145

 Raku Chawan (small) £25

The beauty of cracked pots...

I just thought I'd share this particular pot. It's a "Sentinel"- a type of sculpture very loosely based on standing stones and archaic tools and flints- with my own slant.

It cracked in the firing, so it lay around a while until my nephew came round and decided to clean it up. I rather like it despite the flaws and the curving crack on the rear face. Shall I  infill with gold leaf or maybe just leave it? Anyway I quite like like it as it is.

 "Sentinel" sculptural raku form

Jug commission and "time lapse" making video

I am enjoying spending more time in the studio over the summer and have finally got around to one or two long standing projects! You might recall a while back I made a Jug for Chelmsford Museum, in Essex, which is now in their collection of Studio Pottery.

The museum collection curator, Dr Mark Curteis  commissioned me to make a second jug for his own personal collection of ceramics. I have only just got round to it! Anyhow it is nice to be back in the workshop and busy making stuff once again. Bliss.

One of a series of freshly made green-ware Jugs  drying out in the workshop read for bisque firing. 

You may also like to see a time lapse video of the construction process in making one of these jugs over on my Youtube channel