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Vasefinder Museum- Nevada USA

I was thrilled to hear the news that I have had a pot accepted into the new Vasefinder 2.0 museum based in Carson City. Curated by Charles A Blim, (with a long background connected with studio ceramics,) this is a new museum based in Nevada. You may remember I was a runner up a few years back in the original "virtual" version of Vasefinder, an international curated online exhibition of ceramics.

This time the museum is to open as a "physical" gallery. It's exciting to have one of my Pisces series pots featured alongside potters from the US and also internationally. I'm grateful to Charlie for recognizing my work  and bringing it all the way from Essex to Nevada, USA!

Mo Jupp

My connection to Mo was as a student at Middlesex University in the dog days of the ceramics course during the 90's. He was my personal tutor for four years. Diminutive of stature and blinking in the funny way he did, we all came to love him as a tutor.
Middlesex then,  had a reputation  for slip casting and mold making, and I was awful at both! Instead I had more of an interest in sculpture rather than functional tableware. Mo seemed to take an interest in my progress. He was very perceptive of individual students' abilities and offered guidance without ever dominating the discussion. He could be critical of course,  but in such a way that was constructive and not "dead ended." 
At times he played down his reputation ,when we  first year students twigged what a great artist he really was. He simply claimed that he was a big fish in a small pond unlike his heroes - Giacometti or Modigliani. Modestly he said his income nearly all came from teaching. Yet here was a g…