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Flawed gems

Working in Raku doesn't always go to plan. A lapse of concentration here, the wrong temperature, too slow to get the pots in the smoking bins, dropping and cracking  pots, getting them stuck together in the kiln...anything and everything can and does go wrong.

So it's tough when you get a pot that's ultimately flawed but not bad enough to merit being banished to the back garden by the fish pool rockery...or death by going under the hammer. Here are one or two ultimately flawed pots that I felt deserved a stay of execution. (I'm sorry the really bad ones are already under our patio...) This is the curse of many pots get sacrificed...

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More Chawans

Firings are continuing each week as I work my way through stacks of bisque pots.

I'm about half way through the glaze wares, before I do any...Gulp...."copper matte"!

Anyway I'm really pleased with how things are progressing and especially these little Raku Chawans. The best yet, but always room for improvement.

Raku a go go

It's all go here, lots of glaze firing going on. Hopefully this batch of current work will make it's way to galleries in Wales later this summer. It's hot work, but so far so good. Here are some recent images.

New pots arriving at Buckenham Galleries in Southwold

Now for sale at Buckenham Galleries, in Southwold, Suffolk. 

New Raku

It's May in England, and after a long season of making, I'm about ready to start the process of Raku firing all over again. It's cyclical with me, lots of mental preparation as well as practical, in terms of physically mixing enough glaze batches. Checking the glaze is thick enough, dipping, pouring, dipping and pouring again...stacking the the kiln....waiting, tongs at the ready!

This time around I've experimented a lot more with overlapping glaze, and half burying pots in wood shavings. Still getting a heavy reduction, but with less black and soot carbonization from the direct contact with  the wood shavings. It's pretty interesting- some gold resulting, but mildly suicidal! (For the pot not the potter hopefully)  I've only been doing this 18 years....

Testing times...

Been messing around with a not quite Terra Sigilata slip. Well the juries out on this one. I saggar fired them to about 700 degrees c, I'm not expert but it was fun to try. Perhaps it's something I will persevere with . It's good to try something new even if they don't quite pan out. Interesting... but more work needed!

Looking forwards to raku firing properly soon! Lots to do and almost completely out of I better get a jiggy on.

Last few weeks of making ....

It's taken longer than I'd hoped but this years' first batch of  making is coming to an end, ready for the really exciting bit , doing the firings! What with colds, flu, a dodgy, back , whiplash from a neck's been a funny old year so far. Progress has been slower than I'd have liked but there you go, I am still standing.

Meanwhile lots of stuff has been happening in India. The film is courtesy of Elle Decor India's Instagram feed, and is from the Curocarte stand at the India Id design fest in February. Meanwhile back in the UK, I am hoping to resupply some galleries over the Spring and Summer period.