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Firing new work

I haven't posted in a while, but in the meantime I've been busy firing lots of new work, and in particular Jugs. Or at least what I define as a jug!
These are sculptural pieces, quite large, and difficult to handle in and out the kiln.
Consequently I don't make them very often, and their price is at the top of my range as a reflection. Still they're fun to do, and the results are steadily improving. Here are some quick snaps of them, hot out the kiln!

Recent posts

Wobbly bowls

18 years a "potter" and only now can I really say that I can make a great,wobbly rimmed tea bowl!
They're rather fun to do and are achieved by pinching up clay between thumb and forefinger on three sides, then throwing on  and using the edge of a rib to incise patterns in the wet clay. Turning is a bit of a bugger afterwards, but they're getting there...

One year on in association with Curocarte

I cannot believe it was a whole year ago that Curocarte came to visit my studio all the way from Mumbai, India. I am deeply indebted to Pragya Aswathi and Chhavi Saklani from the company,who first spotted my work and approached me about the possibility of marketing my Raku work in India. They really take care of their makers and highly value crafts. They are a rare company indeed.
I'm very proud of this achievement, and it's an opportunity you only get once in life! From showing at Edida the India Design Festival, a full page ad in GQ magazine and having a work on show at the Elle Design Awards 2017, it's been deeply touching to have seen my pottery works so valued.
It's not quite the same story here in the UK...but perhaps a move to India is on the cards..well perhaps!

New work at Galleries just in!

Lots of new pots just arrived at Builth Wells at Erwood  Station Gallery. Also new stock just in at Sota Gallery in Witney.
Goodbye little pots!

Flawed gems

Working in Raku doesn't always go to plan. A lapse of concentration here, the wrong temperature, too slow to get the pots in the smoking bins, dropping and cracking  pots, getting them stuck together in the kiln...anything and everything can and does go wrong.

So it's tough when you get a pot that's ultimately flawed but not bad enough to merit being banished to the back garden by the fish pool rockery...or death by going under the hammer. Here are one or two ultimately flawed pots that I felt deserved a stay of execution. (I'm sorry the really bad ones are already under our patio...) This is the curse of many pots get sacrificed...

More Chawans

Firings are continuing each week as I work my way through stacks of bisque pots.

I'm about half way through the glaze wares, before I do any...Gulp...."copper matte"!

Anyway I'm really pleased with how things are progressing and especially these little Raku Chawans. The best yet, but always room for improvement.

Raku a go go

It's all go here, lots of glaze firing going on. Hopefully this batch of current work will make it's way to galleries in Wales later this summer. It's hot work, but so far so good. Here are some recent images.