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Direction and reflection- a rationale for my pottery in 2020....

So it's a new year, a new decade and time for some well earned self reflection. I guess 22 years in to this career, you could call recent times challenging. I've reached a mid point where for once,  I'm not sure quite where I'm going or why I'm doing it.

Personally and financially  I find it problematic  to attend as many ceramics fairs as I'd like to, the cost of exhibiting is prohibitive, the competition gets tougher and tougher- there are so many talented potters out there! It's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario....Gallery owners need to see your work in real context rather than online, cold calling rarely it feels a bit like  like exhibiting opportunities are growing fewer and fewer in recent times.

Another factor is probably changing times and design trends. My work is part sculpture...informed by function but not necessarily all about function! (Yes that old curates egg- sorry to keep on harking back to chickens...) I would say- and wi…
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Christmas Market at the Minories

Back at the Minories over the weekend of Nov 30th to Dec 1st, for the annual Christmas Crafts event in Colchester. It's a nice weekend to meet local customers and chat to other makers such as wood turner Nicholas Rowe, designer Blonde Eyed Girl and  view other potters creations such as the fantastictalented Ann- Marie Jacobs recently seen on bbc tv no less!

Recent work in raku

I've decided  to put some sculptural work by, in order  to get ready and apply for some shows this summer. I've been busy with one or two raku firings and the results were as usual, a bit of a mixed bag. But here are one or two nice results at least which I can put aside.

First fruits of work in lava/volcanics...

As an avid reader of this blog (!) you will no doubt have read of my travails with glaze experimentation, specifically lava and volcanics. I have settled on a duo layered glaze - of a volcanic undercoat with a stiff white stoneware glaze on top. A dry barium blue or mettalic bronze is also used to create contrasts. It's early days. It seems to be working well on the textural teabowls, having more vertical side walls, the glaze combo holds up well. Thoughts are always appreciated. I have sent this small batch of chawan to the Buckenham Galleries in Southwold to test the waters. They are reminiscent of textural seascapes and rock pools eroded by water. They are very close to what I have wanted to achieve and I hope will provide a  long term parallel partner to my work in Raku.

Buckenham Galleries Winter Show- part 2

Part 2....New stock-Raku bowls, sculptures and chawans. On display from November into January 2020 as part of the #Buckenham Galleries Winter Show at #Southwold.

Buckenham Galleries Winter Show....part one

Safely delivered to Buckenham Galleries for the upcoming Winter Show in November......

....Some new work in raku, copper matte and glaze post reduction...and some new volcanics based on coastal rock textures...see you in part 2....

Autumn firings progress report

A mixed bag is all I can say! I've struggled with a variety of factors this time around, one of which has been a dilapidated kiln lid! Not such a good idea when it falls apart and rains bits of ceramic fiber board onto molten Raku pots.
Anyway- copper mattes have proven difficult this time- few have come up to scratch. It maybe a temperature - heartwork issue. The glazed turquoise wares though,  have been a resounding success. Well you can't win them all I've learnt to be greatful for what comes!