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Firstsite Art Gallery Art Bazaar

Highlights from this weekend's
Art Bazaar at Firstsite in Colchester.
Lots of fun, some sales and an opportunity to chat with customers....back again in July!

Sodium silicate on stoneware..antiraku?

Sodium Silicate on stoneware Test pieces May 2018

Raku is often hot, smoky and back breaking work outside in the elements.
So it's nice to break out and do something different once in a while.
These are some sodium silicate textured wheel thrown vases with iron
slip, Nuka ash and strontium glazes.
I'm still developing the forms...they have I think with the textures... something of the spirit and spontaneity of Raku...but without all the hard work!!
Maybe a new range will develop from these pieces?

The Ledbury Gallery

I was really pleased to send some new work to the Ledbury Art Gallery in Herefordshire this week. It's an offshoot of the Lion Street and Erwood Station Galleries. I've been busy double boxing and wrapping pots so hopefully it's a good representation of my current work. Bon Voyage!

Aside from that, the sodium silicate test pots are coming along nicely, and I've been glaze testing in the new Cromartie kiln. This time it's stoneware temperature, but the effects I've been perservering with have a little of the immediacy and tactile quality of more on that later I hope! A additional range perhaps.

Web stuff:

Pictured - some of my raku work and Brent Blair and the manager at Ledbury.