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Nearly's some exciting news!

I  had to share some exciting news about a future exhibition in Japan, which I 've alluded to over recent months.The finer details have now all been confirmed.   In March I'm exhibiting work in the home of "Raku"itself....Kyoto. A beautiful city- where the Raku family dynasty first began making those humble little teabowls centuries ago.

Humbling an experience  it is for me, I must say!  To think that my "Western style" slab constructed Raku  ware is going back to the land of it's origin- is pretty incredible. I think for Potters- that must rank as one to cross off  the "bucket-list!" 

This time they will be exhibited at Gallery Jarfo in Kyoto city during March 2014 as part of the EWAACUK JAPAN  cultural exchange. I feel very honoured and excited to have been selected.

More on this next year! But in the meantime-a very Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!

 Gallery Jarfo- Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful Kyoto City - mixing the ancient and the modern 

Raku-ing in December...

It's been unseasonably mild in the UK, whilst everyone else shivers- there's been wind and rain...storms for Christmas day...Well never mind, in between dodging the rain, I've been busy firing dishes and bowls.

The first couple of firings I stupidly re used an  old glaze batch- and the colours didn't really work that well. So here's a tip- always label up your glaze or mix up a fresh batch every time. You think that your going to save money by re -using old glaze mixtures- - but believe me- it pays dividends to know that the glaze actually works!

I often get asked will the copper lustres fade? Well, yes- some do- especially if they don't get a good reduction in the smoking bins- the kind that gives off a lot of green smoke. Green smoke is a good sign! Equally,I have had some pots which are 10 years old- and given a polish with a soft cloth- the Copper lustres come up like new.

Some of these pots went straight to the Taplin Gallery in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Some …