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All about Urns....

Whilst I probably focus more on sculptural work and hand built forms these days, I do like to return to the wheel "to brush up" occasionally. And whilst I am no great shakes as a traditional Potter- I find it immensely enjoyable and theraputic. 
I throw on an old fashioned style kick wheel, it's not particularly old in that sense, but was handed down by my Mother and Brother who both started Pottery making back in the '70s. It lay Mothballed- along with an old Olympic kiln until I got the Pottery bug in the '90's. 
Anyway, I mainly throw bowls and dishes, but occasionally I take the plunge and attempt something different. I especially like making Urns- or "Churns" - little angular pots with coiled attached lugs. They have  a vaguely ancient feel- being loosely based on Bronze and Iron  age vessels.
Ok- here a few of my old favourites anyway...

20th Century British Studio Potters Marks (new edition- forthcoming)
One for the Pottery Nerds....
A nice chap called James Hazelwood got in touch a while ago to ask me to submit my very own stamp for consideration for the new updated version of the much respected-  above tome.

I hasten to add I am still under consideration at this point, and with many varied talented fellow potters out there- there's only room for so its not a "shoo-in"...But I was very pleased to be asked to send in my own "marks" and "stamps".

I guess I started by not signing any of my works- (not a good start really!) whilst at Uni- then progressed to using an old cylinder head block stamp set (courtesy of my Dad from his motor works- they still appear occasionally) then onto a variety carved plaster stamps. These are applied onto a small pad of clay- or impressed into the clay directly.  I also use an old co axial cable to impress a round ring mark- more a decorative touc…