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The Chelmsford Museum Jug

As promised I thought I'd post a few sneak peeks of the Chelmsford Museum Jug, specially made for the new Studio Pottery gallery.

Museum curator Dr Mark Curtis and his teamselected this one  in green and blue copper matte lustre. It measures a little over 58cm tall by 50cm wide, so it's quite a big vessel. It certainly was a challenge to Raku fire- and to get  the colour development to spread  over the pot in reduction.  It's probably at the very  limit of  my abilities! Needless to say, there were one or two casualties, which make this a unique piece.

The new gallery officially opens in January. My Jug will be in good company with work by  fellow Essex potters including- Alan Foxely, Madelaine Murphy, Richard Baxter and Lola Swain. It is a very eclectic collection- but I am very proud to have my piece featured alongside them.

The gallery also includes works by Grayson Perry, Joanna Constantinidis and Robert Washington. 

Flaming Jugs in December....

Well I've blogged a lot recently about my project to make a special Jug for the Studio Pottery Collection at Chelmsford Museum in Essex. It was hard work to do- with a lot of "spoilers"- cracking pots- and downright disasters! As you know by now- copper matte raku is one heck of a technique to master...and double trouble with a large vessel.

However 1 or 2 were absolute gems. This week I hope  to do a photo session and you can view the results soon. I will be taking in the finished pot to the Museum this week. Meanwhile, here is one of the pots- flaming away prior to be being sealed in the reduction chamber.

Making a jug for Chelmsford Museum- December updates

Chelmsford Museum- Making a Jug-Update

You may have been aware that I've had quite a task to make a special piece of Raku for Chelmsford Museum in Essex. They have a brand new Studio Ceramics Collection and have asked me to contribute a Jug.

The Jugs date back to some of my earliest pieces- but have evolved over the years into the "streamlined" form with circle or spot motiffs. (see opposite) They're much changed to the original pieces which I sold back in 1998/9 to Selfridges and Co in London. 

The only problem (and the reason I don't make many these days!) is that they're notoriously difficult to "fume" with copper matte slips.  The larger the piece you make- the more difficult it is to get the copper fuming to spread across the piece. Coupled with the  thermal shock from the rapid cooling and reduction process- and you've got cracking to contend with. I think it's enough to turn a Potter's hair white!

 Having said that- I now have at leas…

November Updates...

Keeping you posted with all the exhibitions going on- it's very busy before Christmas...

The Beecroft Art GalleryA Christmas Cracker, Westcliff on sea, - till December 9th.

Haddenham Craft Centre and Gallery, Haddenham, Ely, Cambs, Christmas Exhibition, till Jan  2nd 2013

Crushed Chilli Gallery, Durham, County Durham, New work on show- ongoing

Union Gallery, Grantham, Lincs- Artisan Gallery, till Jan 2013

UK Japan Art Exhibition
Opens 23rd October- till 27th October

The annual EWA Art awards takes place this very week at La Galeria, Pall Mall. I safely delivered my piece- a 2 part Raku Sentinel sculpture today.
Last year I was lucky to receive a runner up certificate in the 3d category. Well whatever happens- good luck to all the artists!

To see all the finalists: and for more details on viewing....

Acquisition of work into Museum Collection

Chelmsford Museum in Essex contacted me recently regarding the acquisition of a piece into their Studio Pottery Collection.

I will be creating a special piece based on my "Nuclear Jug" series. This will become part of the Museum's permanent collection, which already includes works by Joanna Constantinidis, Robert Washington and a piece by Grayson Perry.

I was to say the least- over the moon- and extremely flattered. I spent most of my student years (and subsequent career)- studying other people's Pots and visiting Museums and Galleries. It's a great priviledge- so I only hope I can do it justice- after all it's going to be on display for a very long time....

More on the progress of this "special pot"- its design- creation- and firing  as it develops!!

Chelmsford Museum:

An example of the " Nuclear Jug" series of Raku copper matte fired vessels

Beecroft Art Gallery - new work on show!

The Beecroft  Art Gallery are running its annual Christmas exhibition from October the 6th to December 15th at Westcliff-on-sea, Southend.

Hashim Akib is showing his stunning paintings and these form the backbone of the exhibition.  I'm pleased to be back too with some new Raku work- including these little "Menhirs" - (based on standing stones) resplendent in mettallic Copper sheen finish. Very reasonably priced too!

Check out the Beecroft here:

Union Interiors- new work on show for October

Those nice guys at Union Interiors recently took stock of some new work at their  Design Consultancy and showroom  in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Hans Calvert and Josine Simon  recently approached  me, and I was excited to become  involved in their new showroom exhibtion.

Union Interiors are a really interesting and eclectic practise- showcasing both high end design-("lifestyle" pieces) - as well as promoting "up and comers" and established  craftspeople and artists. As such its' whole ethos is somewhat "ethical" too- clearly supporting the role of the maker.

Hans is chief designer and  passionate about  materials and and the Crafts - and this shines  through in the sheer breadth and quality of his showroom gallery and exhibition. Where Union Interiors scores is that it's Hans' vision is to showcase contemporary arts and crafts within an interior setting or space. This clearly focuses the client's mind- helping them to see the "fit"

Feature Publication 2- 500 Raku/Lark Crafts

Also in 2011- 500 Raku was curated by the American Potter Jim Romberg. Featured are 500 works (yes- hence the title!) by Raku specialists from across the world- and as such it is very eclectic.
I was very fortunate to be one of those selected.

500 Raku is available at Amazon and selected retailers.

Feature Publication- 1 Handmade in Britain/Vivays

Last year I was lucky to be featured in a couple of new publications. Handmade in Britain is published by Vivays- an offshoot of Taschen.

Founded by the designer Piyush Suri- Handmade features some of the leading contemporary and up and coming practioner in the field of Art Craft and Design. I was lucky to have an Aurora copper matte vessel featured and a profile amongst other Ceramic designers.

Check out the site here:

Available from Amazon and all good book sellers...


The EWAA Art awards 2012 is fast approaching. This takes place in London' s Pall Mall attheprestigiousLa Galeria. The EWAA is a society which celebrates artistic ties between Japan and the UK. Anyone can join- and once a year they have an exhibition in either Japan or the UK. This is subject to a rather rigorous selection panel made up from members of arts bodies including the Royal College of Art and established artists from both countries.

This is the third year in sucession that I've had a Raku  work  selected.  last year I was very lucky to received  a commendation  from the Uk sculptor Michael Lyons. This was in the 3d sculpture category. Well awards or not it makes for a fascinating exhibition of art, craft and design and free sushi....

The dates are as follows....

23-27 Oct ....EWAA Finalists' Exhibition to be held at La Galleria (11:00am - 6:00pm) Sat (27) opens 11:00am -12:30pm and close and clear the gallery 23 Oct ........Opening Party (6:30 - 9:00pm) 25 Oct ........…

Lots of new ebay listings....

Meanwhile on eBay.....

Check out my clearance lines on Ebay. These range from Gallery quality-clearance line to very near perfect seconds- with minor firing defects.

At less than half the Gallery retail price they don't tend to hang about long.....

Pisces I -

Pisces II-

Raku copper winged vessel- Totem 1-

September Raku firings....

Well Summer has been and gone- so I had a stack of work made and ready to be fired. As is usual with my style of Copper Matte Raku- there were lots of breakages- mis firings- and downright disasters. Its par for the course- but having said that- I hit the jackpot with some of the firings.

I also fired a few new pieces- small copper glazed sculptural forms- hopefully making their debut at a Gallery near you soon...!

Forthcoming's all go-go go....

Lots of lovely new Raku work at the Beecroft Art Gallery, Westcliff  annual Christmas Cracker Exhibition- begins October 6th. Paintings by Hashim Akib- not to be missed!

Click the link for more details:   A Christmas Cracker

From mid October through to November- some choice pieces on display at Union Interiors near Grantham. This promises to be an exciting collaboration and one 'm looking forward to participating in.

Click the link for more details:

I have again been selected for the EWAA art awards which takes place this year at the prestigious London gallery- La Galeria in Pall Mall. This takes place from the 23rd to 27th of October. Last year I was lucky to win a runner up award in the sculpture category judged by Michael Lyons.

Click the link for more details:

I will also be participating in Haddenham Galleries' Christmas show w…

Hello hello...testing...

Well it's taken me a long time to get posting but here's the start of my new blog- so I hope some interesting and useful bits of Pottery info will appear here in future!!

There'll be the usual self promoting propaganda- sorry!-details of my upcoming exhibitions, sales- eBay auctions of 2nds etc. I 'll also post anything I think of interest to the Potter or "follower"- with stuff about making- kiln firing, techniques I use and so on.

I hope it won't be too boring!

It's going to be my escape from Facebook- which has got a bit tedious so there we are- and another outlet for my work:)

Thanks for watching!

Above: A Raku bowl from a batch of work sent to the Beecroft Art Gallery- Christmas Cracker Exhibition! Oct- Dec 2012