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Rippingham Art Gallery

New work on show....
I've got  some new work on show at Rippingham Art Online. One of my personal favourites is the Pisces  but  there's  also some of the new range of Menhirs, small sculptures in Raku copper glaze. This is the second batch of work I've shown through the gallery.

I seem to be doing a lot more stuff  online these days whilst supplying my regular galleries and of course quite a bit of ebay too! I guess online is the just the way things are done these days and a sign of the times. Anyway check out Rippingham Art - there's an eclectic range of  ceramics on show and some really good paintings too.

     Rippingham Art Online


  Pisces III

                            Menhir  II
Some new smaller scale work....

Well its been cold enough to freeze a brass monkey's nuts off as they say (or dont) in this part of the UK! It's been so cold that the clay has regularly frozen in my shed. With more snow forecast for the Uk in February it's really tough to go and make work in my shed-cum-studio space. It has a little radiator and when the kiln's going it's toasty enough but....brrrrrrrrrr!

Ok, well I've been making 1 or 2 smaller pieces with an aim to scale up at a later date. I'm probably known best for doing copper mattes, but I enjoy textural and copper glazed Raku too. Well these new little forms are based on prehistoric flint tools, of the leaf shape variety. They're purely decorative and a move away from the vessel which I predominantly concentrate on- however dysfunctional!

I've enjoyed making these small pieces- and have tried a variety of finishes- here's a little peek of the new range- a Menhir.....

2013 Vasefinder International Competition Results

Well after much speculation, the annual Vasefinder Competition results are in. Juried by renowned UK Potter Phil Rogers, the winner was Courtland Levinson, with a beautiful decorated and illustrated monochrome vase.

I was very lucky to be selected amongst 76 potters mainly from the US, Europe and the UK. My good buddy Dameon Lynne was also a selectee. ( I shall have to blog about his fantastic work soon- the guy is an absolute creative dynamo with the wheel. )

My piece for this online exhibition was Pisces- a favourite piece which was featured in the 500 Raku book which is by Lark Crafts.

Here's the link and thanks for watching....