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End of the exhibition...

Last  month was a frenetic one of  sorting, packaging and shipping out work. I don't think I have ever had to send out so much work in 1 month, and most of it abroad. Nice though it was to exhibit in 3 big exhibitions at once, it was rather stress inducing!

All the work  arrived safely, and I think, to fair appreciation.  It's always nerve wracking sending out your most cherished work. Will it arrive in time - and all in one piece? Will anyone like it? I've become pretty philosophical about these things- and I guess I do create work which tends to divide opinion.  At least I gave it my best shot and I can't do any more than that. I think that even if you don't sell terribly well, having work overseas does raise your profile and does no harm at all for your CV.

Having said that, I have had some nice feedback from the galleries and exhibition organisers involved.  My Japan work although well received, is coming home. (See below) The work at Manchester City Art Galle…

World Tour in March!

Pots on World Tour

Rather shamelessly (!) I have to tell you  about a few  exhibitions taking place during March. For most potters, like myself, these opportunities don't come along very often - so it's very rewarding to see your work on show and appreciated- somewhere...even if it's on a different continent!

From March 7th to 17th I have a work on show at Sedona Arts Centre in Arizona, USA.

From March 20th I have some work on show at Gallery Jarfo in Kyoto, Japan.

During March, also I have new work on show at Manchester City Art Gallery and Museum, UK.

 Flyer for Sedona Arts  Kyoto exhibition 
 Manchester Art Gallery-Museum and Shop