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New pots at Buckenham Galleries Southwold

It was time to visit Southwold again this weekend and a visit to  Buckenham Galleries, to resupply them with pots. This is a  lovely gallery showing Fine Arts, sculpture and painting- as well as ceramics, including pots by Robin Welch. I have  been dealing with them  since  2006/7 and it's always been a successful place to show and sell work.

It was nice to meet new people at the gallery, although much missed is Becky Munting, the former gallery manager- now focusing on her painting career. Her work can be seen here:

Below: Some of the work now on show at Buckenham Galleries, Southwold, Suffolk

Book No 2....published in Oman

A very nice surprise indeed at the weekend. I was contacted by Dr Badar Al Malmari from Oman to confirm that he'd just published his book- "Ceramic Glaze". I'm in the section on Raku. (There's my "Nuclear Jug" in copper matte at the bottom of the page.)

 I believe this to be the first book on the subject to be published in the Middle East. I'll let you know when I receive my copy although I doubt I will be able to translate it!

Book arrives by post...

I finally got my hands on the "State of Art" book which arrived this morning. It's primarily a "fine art" book,  focusing on sculptors and those working in 3d/craft. I would say that my entry sits somewhat incongruously in there- but there a couple of other makers  featured who also work with clay. Anyhow I am really pleased to have received my copy. This is the 4th book I have been featured in since 2009, and I have 3 pages devoted to my work which is really good.

Youtube channel

I started a Youtube channel. It'll be an occasional thing- and I hope it might be useful to some of my students. I made one or two throwing videos and there are some short slideshows featuring my pots. I hope people might find it helpful.
Click the link to go to the channel. 

In the meantime here is a recently fired tea-bowl....

The State of Art- sculpture book published today

I just ordered my copy of "State of Art vol II- 3D and Sculpture." Published just today by Bare Hill- it's a hardback book primarily focused on emerging artists and some established but less well known practitioners

Perhaps that's how I gained my way into the publication! I don't tend to think of myself as an "artist" I just make things- but then again- in no way am I a practical or functional Potter. Having said all that -I'm really pleased to be featured amongst some plainly "difficult"- yet thought provoking artists' work.

Perhaps not a book for entertaining your mother in law with, but I am none the less very happy to have been included!