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Selected for a forthcoming book.....

A while ago I was asked to apply for a spot in a book- snappily entitled "The State of Art vol 2-3d and sculpture"   by Bare Hill  Publishing.  Their website can be found here-

As you've guessed it's an "Art book". Not a craft book or a pottery book- an "Art book" with lots of "funny" and odd sculpture in it- oh yes and my stuff too!

Anyway  you will probably hear me going on and on about this book in many more posts to come! Well, suffice to say, I'm really pleased to have been selected- it seems like a strong series of books- and other "potters" have featured too- including leading Ceramicist Richard Slee among other..

VOLUME 1- I 'm going to be in Volume 2.....

One of the Menhirs entered for the new volume -see above

An early piece turns up at auction...

I first started making pots in the mid 90's- through college and then University. I wouldn't say I had the greatest pot making talent quite honestly, but what I lacked in skill- I felt I have always made up for in terms of originality and being slightly "off beat"! Through time I think the skill part develops- if you have the luxury of time that is.

Anyway I saw an early Ceramic piece of mine- a form which I can barely remember having made- but which must have sold at some gallery exhibition which I've forgotten about.Its clearly a transition piece- still fairly crude- with a bronze sort of raku glaze and an oxidised spot.

Still, this humble little piece has now  turned up with a starting bid of £85! So if you want a rare early work- you know where to look!:)

Early slab built vase