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Raku dishes with overlapped "volcanic" effect

The latest raku bowls are all wheel thrown, and have white and blue overlapping glazes. Working pretty well I think, why I haven't done it before?
Large dishes- size approx 24cm diameter retail at £75 ea

New work part 4

Below- Raku glazed "Sentinel". Sadly -  they easily develop firing cracks- along the seams and elsewhere being an enclosed sculptural shape. The crack can easily be seen here...So I am not sure whether to continue with this line or not...

New work part 3

A selection of Raku copper matte "Pisces" c 2016 - in A1 condition these sell now for £225-£255 depending on quality, colour and texture. These are prime examples- unlike my seconds on the ebay store!

New work part 2

Below: Raku fired "Menhirs" with textural copper and overlapped volcanic white Raku glaze c2016  Retailing at £75 ea

New work part 1

I 've been busy photographing pots before they all disappear to all four corners...hope you like them.

Below- "Nuclear Jug" -c2016  
Retailing at £325-£425 depending on colour and quality

A couple of big Raku'd dishes...

Thought you might like to see some of the bigger sized raku dishes- pulled straight from the kiln after a quick scrub.....

Golden wonder....

I have switched to using copper carbonate instead of more expensive copper oxide in my glazes. With heavy reduction I seem to be developing more gold tones. One of the "Sentinels" has a lovely patch of gold. Unfortunately it has picked up a slight firing crack to fill with gold lustre or not? That is the question...shall I just say "sod it!" for once and go the full Raku?

Last of the Raku firings part 1

I have been ploughing through Raku firings and this post marks the last few firings  ...for now....meanwhile lots of scrubbing to be done!

Raku tea bowl madness....

A new batch of fired tea from the kiln. I'm testing  out the overlapping glaze effect which I really like- with the cratery effect. Also a bit of decoration...which I don't normally do....Breaking the habits of a life time's potting..the "I don't do decoration thing..."