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Happy New Year Potting....

Well it's the New Year and I can't wait to get back to normal and back to potting. 2016 has been a year of  some lows (worrying about clay dust,  silicosis, cleaning the workshop top to bottom, to  make it squeaky clean.... Btw, happily I got the  all clear from the doc.), fluctuating gallery sales back home (thanks Brexit) but also the incredible visit from Curocarte all the way from India to buy work. It may never happen again...we'll see, but I have been overwhelmed by the support of Curocarte, their obvious love of craft, respect for the couldn't deal with a friendlier and enthusiastic and energetic group of people.  To end the year and begin the are some highlights from their range...and that is Curocarte director Ananya Birla and team with one of my sculptural jugs at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai, celebrating the Elle Decor Awards 2016. Regardless of what comes next- it has been an unforgettable some respects!:)

Last minute Christmas Cracker

I was just messing around with a firing and I pulled this solitary copper matte piece from the flames.
It's a bit of a cracker! (Not literally...) Last of 2016....and it's on show for sale at Rippingham Art.
See you in 2017.

Making tea bowls...

The work-shed repairs are nearly complete and I can't wait to get back in there at some point over the holidays and resume work. The first thing is to make some tea bowls...just to see if I haven't lost the knack. Hmmm....

Happy Christmas! Happy holidays to one and all, hope it's a peaceful one.

What's going on....

I've nearly finished renovating my workshed, so I am almost ready to resume working and about time. I am getting itchy fingers for the clay!  Meanwhile I've been having a studio sale of some good quality work uploaded to Rippingham Art Online, and delivered work to Buckenham Galleries.  Just because I can I thought you might like a glimpse of some of the promotional imagery being used at Curocarte.  The magazine image is of course, GQ. Still can't quite believe it, but I am making the most of it  as they say!