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Back to the wheel....

I'm trying to get a new batch of work together- so it's been back to the wheel for a while....
With a break from teaching coming up I hope to be able to fire up the kiln at long last and do some Raku- the first firings of 2015.

One door closes...another door opens

Well it was a mixed weekend just gone. A trip down to Leigh is always nice- but sadly  to a gallery which is closing down. It wasn't a great success for me- but the people who ran it were lovely and for me- that's what it's all about- and gallery owners  having respect for your work. I wish them well with their new ventures. Oh well- onwards and upwards.

Today I sent out a batch of new work to the Erwood Station Gallery in Powys, Wales. It looks a pretty good start up- with a very renowned sister gallery in Hay- on- Wye.  He who dares wins! Fingers crossed anyway- it looks pretty good.

Well back to the potting then.


A Pisces on it's way to Wales