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As seen on tv?

I was "bowled" over, excuse the pun, to find out from a friend that I was featured on Sony Liv TV in India! The programme is called "House Proud" , it's a kind of home shopping  show, come "Changing Rooms." 
About ten minutes in , they feature one of my Raku teabowls, and a tapered raku bowl also makes a fleeting appearance. Nice to be featured, thank you Curocarte, thank-you Sony Liv. It's a funny old world, I may never have seen this, so it was a nice surprise. (By the way sadly I do not hail from Japan!)

Watch the episode here:

New Gallery work

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm busy sending out work to galleries. Some are bound  for #Buckenham Galleries in Southwold. Over the years they've been great supporters of my raku work. Another batch is off to #Art of the Heart, a new gallery based in Peterborough. All good fun but tough deciding which pots to send.

Firing new work

I haven't posted in a while, but in the meantime I've been busy firing lots of new work, and in particular Jugs. Or at least what I define as a jug!
These are sculptural pieces, quite large, and difficult to handle in and out the kiln.
Consequently I don't make them very often, and their price is at the top of my range as a reflection. Still they're fun to do, and the results are steadily improving. Here are some quick snaps of them, hot out the kiln!