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Showing posts from February, 2016

New work at Rippingham art

I'm pleased to say I have some new work available through Rippingham Art. They're an online art gallery I 've been working with for about the past two years or so. They're worth a look and have a good range of art, sculpture and ceramics. Check out my page below....

Elusive copper mattes.....

A few more nice Copper mattes from this week's and fresh from the reduction bin. I cut down the smoking time- with a period of 10 minutes----8 minutes and then 4 between each "burp" (re oxidation)

Seemed to work pretty well- and avoid "over reduction"- or carbonisation....I can but try!

Hot tea bowls

A few more snaps of work in progress from my recent batch of raku firings. I switched to a raku glaze with copper carbonate and got some pretty nice effects. I also left this batch of tea bowls reducing for about 2 hours....there be gold!

Hot pots and kiln firings

It's been a busy month finishing off a batch of work first started in the takes me a long while to get my act together nowadays. Anyhow here's some work in progress...pots in and just out the kiln.. waiting to be cleaned up and shipped out.

First batch of new photos..testing.

Lots of firings ...lots of new pots, so it's time to get some work photographed. I always get lots of rejects- so I've done some of these first just to test out the lighting set up.

Not bad- considering these pots are all the crap ones!